Airport Committee:
Charles Siletti, ‘21
Peter Harrison, ‘19
Ken Wexler, ‘19
Barbara Nimns ‘20 ‘

Budget Committee
Ronald Murray, ‘19
Robert Hirsch, ‘19

Cemetery Committee:
William Gay
Michael Voncannon
Daniel Clough
Andrew Carpenter
Walter Guptill

Conservation Committee
Beth Long, ‘21
Kenneth Wexler, ‘20
Kathryn DerMarderosian, ‘19
Richard Matlack, ‘21
John Ware (Alternate), ‘20
James Devery ‘21
Stuart Rich ‘19

Harbor Committee:
Richard Goehry, ‘21
Mike Gustin, ‘21
Mike Keating, ‘20
Robert O’Hara, ‘20
Richard Carver, ‘19
Jeffrey Edwards, ‘19


Ordinance Review Committee:
John Hufnagel
William Gay
Stuart Thro
John Ware
Carolyn Philbrook
Michael VonCannon
Ken Wexler
Charles Siletti
Richard Carver
Linda Post/Scott Bickford (without vote)

Planning Board:
Russ Wolfertz  Chair‘20
William Leppanen, ‘21
Dale Martin, ‘21
Kenneth Wexler, ‘19
Marc McNeilly,‘20
Maria Devery ‘19 (Alternate)

Sewer Committee:
Ron Murray
Doug Curtis
Charles Nelson

Solid Waste/Recycling Committee:
Gordon Page
Bruce Colson

Zoning Board of Appeals:
Rodney Mason, ‘21
Lynn Chaplin, ‘19
Sherry Stanley, ‘21
Kermit Von Cannon, ‘19
David Walker ‘20
Pamela Holland (Alternate)



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