Town of Owls Head

06.11.24 State Primary/School Budget Election

06.11.24 State Primary/School Budget Election


Maine Absentee Ballot Request

  • Voters wishing to withdraw or change enrollment to a different party must do so at least 15 days before the election.  The deadline to withdraw enrollment or change enrollment to a different party and still be eligible to vote in the 06.11.2024 State Primary is Friday, 05.24.2024.  
  • Reminder:  A voter must remain in a party for 3 months before withdrawing enrollment or changing parties.
  • For more party enrollment change information please click here.


Maine State election law allows voters to enroll in the ongoing absentee ballot status program. A voter who qualifies will automatically receive an absentee ballot for each statewide and municipal election without needing to submit a new request for each election. 

Voter Qualifications 

  • A voter is or will be at least 65 years of age by the next election.
  • A voter who self-identifies as having a disability.

Semi-Open Primaries 

A voter not enrolled in a political party may participate in a party's primary without enrolling. The unenrolled voter may only vote ONE party ballot per primary election. The voter must select the party for which the voter wishes to vote for any future primary elections. A new application must be completed, if the unenrolled voter wishes to change their party ballot selection. 

How to Submit an Application

Qualified voters may fill out the Ongoing Absentee Ballot Status application found here. 

The voter must complete the application and sign with a WET-SIGNATURE. Digital signatures will not be accepted. 

If a voter requires assistance completing or signing the application, the person who assisted the voter must complete and sign the Aid Certificate section. 

  • Voters may mail their ongoing application to the Town of Owls Head at 224 Ash Point Drive Owls Headm Maine 04854. 
  • Or drop off their application to our Office